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TV Reception Problems

Last Updated: Jun 06, 2019 11:36AM PDT

Why has my TV reception recently changed or become worse?

TV and radio reception can be affected by many things: weather, trees, placement of objects (like cars, people or furniture), a building's materials and components, sunspots and local terrain, among others.

Your antenna quality and its placement are also important. AntennaWeb, a Web site run by the Consumer Electronics Association, can help you locate the precise distance and direction from your house to the nearest broadcast tower used by OPB. With the site's help, you should be able to set up your antenna to receive the best possible signal from OPB.

OPB constantly monitors the quality of our outgoing radio and TV signals. Our engineering staff works throughout Oregon, maintaining, upgrading and repairing equipment in the more than 75 sites from which an OPB TV or Radio signal originates. When weather conditions are bad or when access to equipment is made difficult or even impossible, repairs may take longer than any of us would like. At such times we ask for your patience and understanding while our engineers diagnose the problems and repair equipment. If a problem does persist, please use our Contact Form and select "TV Reception" from the Category drop down menu at the bottom of the form. Of course, you can also call the Member Center at 800.241.8123. 

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