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Troubleshooting Video Streaming

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2018 08:52AM PDT

I'm having trouble watching content on 

Why can I see the video player, but no video?
  • This is probably due to a problem with one of our video streaming servers.  If you can see other videos from the same program, it may also be a problem with that particular video.
  • If it's a server issue, please try again later.
  • If it's an issue with a specific video, let us know and we can probably fix it.
  • If it's an older video not hosted from PBS's COVE service, it could be a firewall issue.  Some locations, especially schools and government offices, block many ports including the port for RTMP - a standard video transport protocol.  That particular port is number 1935.
Why does the video quality seem poor?
  • For the national program and our recent local programs we are using PBS's COVE video service.  The default video quality is basic and may appear lower quality.  If you are viewing through a COVE viewing site, such as, you can increase the bitrate for a better quality video by creating an account for and logging in.
  • For embedded video on, we are working on a solution to improve the video quality without logging in to
When I watch a program, why does the banner show a different sponsor than the audio intro?
The servers are in sync, but due to the nature of computers they can get out of sync.  Each machine runs a program to sync up with our time server, but it isn’t a perfect process and they will get slightly out of sync before the time is reset.  The amount that they are out of sync (the max I’ve seen today) is around 1/4 of a second.  The ads rotate every 5 minutes.  If you were to click on the listen live link at one of those 5 minute intervals, within that time frame (example: 1:05:00.1) you could get a pic that doesn’t match the audio.  It is also possible to get the wrong pic if your browser displays a cached image.

Contact the Member Center if you have questions or problems with  When asking about a streaming issue it's helpful to provide the following information:
  • Type of browser (Firefox, etc.) and version
  • Operating system and version
  • Internet connection (Cable, DSL, WiFi, etc.)
  • Do other videos at work?
  • Has it worked before?
  • Does it play at all?
  • Does it stop or timeout?  At the same place every time?
  • Does it happen during or after a sponsor ad?

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