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Streaming App Troubleshooting

Last Updated: May 15, 2019 04:56PM PDT
Streaming issue can be challenging to troubleshoot because of the wide variety of phones and operating systems but here are some common issues and the best ways we've found to address them: 
Why does the audio keep dropping on the OPB App?

Our staff updated the OPB News App in March 2016, which should help stabilize the audio stream. We are aware that there are still streaming issues for some Android users. We apologize for the inconvenience.

There are several other possible reasons for audio problems on mobile apps. If you are in a moving vehicle, your signal quality changes frequently when your transmission is passed from tower to tower, and the transfer may cause the player to drop the connection.  On your mobile device, the player may have issues with buffering which may cause delays or disconnections. 

What can I do to improve performance of the OPB App. on my phone?
Try the following steps to improve performance of the App.:

1. Try restarting App. Quit or close the app completely and re-open it.
2. Try closing all background Apps. Once all other applications have closed, re-open our App.
3. Switch to Wi-Fi or your provider's network data if possible.
4. If you have and you are still experiencing issues, try uninstalling and then re-download the App., and re-install it.
To uninstall an app:

On iOS: 
  1. Press and hold on the app's icon in the home screen
  2. Press on its little "X" to uninstall the app
  3. Press the Home button on the phone to get it out of "uninstall and move apps" mode.
On Android:
  1. Navigate to Settings. You can get to the settings menu either in your apps menu or, on most phones, by pulling down the notification drawer and tapping a button there.
  2. Select the Apps submenu. ...
  3. Swipe right to the All apps list. ...
  4. Select the app you wish to disable. ...
  5. Tap Uninstall updates if necessary. ...
  6. Tap Disable
If you are having trouble downloading the update, manually uninstall the OPB News app and then download the new one from the App Store or Google Play Store. We recognize that this can be frustrating for some users, but there's no way around it - the infrastructure of the app is just that different.
If none of the above troubleshooting steps resolve your issues, please contact us and let us know. Providing us with the following information can help our developers troubleshoot:
  • Which device?
  • Which OS?
  • Which App? (KMHD? OPB News? opbmusic?)
  • Airplane mode? Cellular data? Wi-fi?
  • Error messages?


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